Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cleaning cast iron

I love to cook in cast iron however some times when foods get stuck in the pan its a pain to have to soak hen srub the stuck on food and then having to reseason the pan. A few years ago I learned the easiest way ever to clean stuck on foods and not have to reseason it. While the pan is warm scrap out all the stuck on food with a metal spatula. Then pour about a half a tablespoon of oil into the pan and add a big pinch of koshar salt. Take a couple of paper towels and scrub the salt and oil all over the pan to loosen any bits of stuck on food still in the pan. When you have it all loose simple wipe out the salt and oil. Take a clean paper towel to wipe out any remaining oil and you are all done. Your pan still has it's beauitful shiny non stick surface and you didn't have to spend an hour or so heating up the kitchen with you oven just to reseason your cast iron. Simple, cheap and easy. The three things I like most when it comes to cleaning. :)