Friday, December 30, 2011

My first post

This is my first time of trying to create a blog. I hope you will forgive any mistakes I make along the way till I get the hang of this. I am hoping to be able to share the frugal hints and tips that I have learned through the years and to show you some of the things that I do to be frugal as I can. My husband and I are both disabled so we live on a limited income. I have to plan our expenses very carefully each month in order to get through the month on what little income we have coming in. Its hard to do some times but I manage for the most part.

I cook most of what we eat from scratch, I grow a garden and can what we get from it. I also buy fresh produce in season from area farmers and either can or freeze some of that to. I like to make my own mixes and convenience foods. This year I got my first Excalibur food dehydrator and I am loving it. I have dried, apples, tomatoes, cranberries, bananas, celery, mixed veggies, mushrooms, potatoes and peas in it so far. I hope to do a lot more this coming year.

I look forward to showing you my frugal ways and I hope to learn even more frugal ways from you.


  1. Good morning Carol and friends ~

    I'm looking forward to seeing how "Frugal Like Grandma" progresses:)