Friday, December 30, 2011

My little Yahoo Groups

I love to cook. I could cook all day long. Its washing the dishes that I don't like. Thank goodness I have a dishwasher. LOL I am co-owner with my good friend Denise of two little cooking groups on Yahoo.

The first one is an Amish Style cooking group. My step dad who raised me half of my childhood was raised by Amish parents. I learned about how the Amish women cook when we went to Ohio on vacations in the summers. I really love the food they cooked and I love to cook using Amish recipes. I have a small collection of Amish cookbooks that I use a lot. If I find a really good recipe in them that my family really likes I share the recipe with my internet friends on my

Another little cooking group my friend Denise and I co-own is called Cooking with Love. Any one can cook but love always gives food a better flavor. If you love to cook and love the people you are cooking for then its makes everything better. :)

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