Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Canning Corned Beef

Last week corned beef was on sale pretty cheap for my area. I had been to can some for quite a while now and the price finally came down enough to do it. I bought 5 of them. The most time consuming part was trimming all the fat, after that the process went pretty quick. Last night I opened a jar and made corned beef and cabbage with some of it and corned beef hash with the rest. All I can say is that it tasted so much better than the canned corned beef that you buy at the store. YUM!

Here is what the corned beef looked like before I trimmed the fat off.

After trimming. :)

Some of the cuts had fat between layers of meat. So I cut out that fat to. I used a very sharp knife which made it easy to do.

After the fat was removed from the middle of the cuts. I then cut the strips into 1 inch x 1 inch pieces and packed in jars.

Then I packed the meat down nice and tight in the jar to remove as many air pockets as I could. Divided the
pickling seasoning packets between the jars. Wipe the rims really good. Applied the two pieces lids and process them for one hour and 15 minutes at ten pounds pressure which is what is called for in my area. I did not add any water to the jar as the meat had enough of its own juices.

The finished product. Each one of these jars has just over a pound of meat in them. One jar will feed my family of 3 very easily.

For anyone who has never canned corned beef before I would encourage you to try it. Just please make sure to follow the recommend instructions for canning meats in your area of the country. It's better to take time to learn how to can safely then to be sorry later.

Happy canning everyone!

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