Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Big Waste Part 3

You slave over a hot stove cooking a nice meal. You put it on the table and here comes the family. Plates are being loaded down because the food looks and smells so good! Everyone starts digging in. Then the next thing you know they are pushing their half empty plates away saying their are full. You sit there in dismay looking at all that wasted food sitting on their plates. You think about how all those poor children in starving countries would give anything to have half the food that your family just wasted. You might even think of telling your family about those poor starving children and how they would love to eat just half as well as your family does. But its just a waste of your time, energy and voice to tell them.

You can preach to your family 24/7 about those starving children but they are not really going to get it. How can they understand what its like to really being starving to death when you are setting nice filling meals on the table day after day or they can go to a restaurant and order anything they like? Only another starving person or one who has starved for days or weeks at a time can really know what its like for those who are starving in the poor countries. We can show them all kinds of new feeds or read them all kinds of article about it but face it. They are never going to understand fully the concept of starving.

Since you find that using the starving tactic doesn't work you want to try something else but what? The solution is easy. You run your kitchen like a restaurant! Set the dining table with everything but the dinner plates, drinking glasses and salad bowls. Appoint some one to act as the server or use a tray. You fill the plates at the stove with the amount of food you know each person will eat. Do the same with the drink glasses and the salad bowls. By doing this you will cut the amount of food wasted at every meal and you are also controlling serving sizes so some will not be tempted to over eat. Its a win/win!

There are other add benefits to running your kitchen like a restaurant. You will have less dishes to do because you will not be using serving dishes. The food can remain in the pan on the stove. You don't have to carry leftovers back to put away. But best of all is that you won't be throwing away enough food to make at least one more meal.

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