Sunday, January 1, 2012

Fancy store bought cleaners

I have been trying for months to get some of the lime build up and rust streaks from our hard water off the shower surround. I tried Lime Away, CLR, Dows Scrubbing Bubbles and even that sprayer that you hang on the shower head and it sprays the whole shower once a day. Nothing was working. I saw on another blog (forget which one) a post about Bar Keepers Friend so I went and bought a can the other day for $1.49 and also got a pack of the scrubbers for Teflon pans. With in a hour the shower was clean there was no rust or lime any where. Just goes to show that cheaper some times is better. :) I had spent close to $30 trying to get rid of all that build up and I really needed to spend was just under $3. From now on I will stick to Bar Keepers Friend for shower clean up.

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