Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thrift Store Shopping

I really need to get my camera set up to the computer I am using now so I can add pictures to my post. Until then I hope you can bear with me while I try to at least give a description of what I wish you could see.

My husband and I are both disable so we live on disability which of course means low income and with the way prices on everything is rising faster than our disability that means even lower income. Sigh.

In order for us to make it I shop thrift stores. I don't have a job where certain clothes are needed and we don't go out much so I only need a few really nice timeless outfits. Why go pay full price in the stores for things I may only wear a couple of times a year at most or at least only once a month?  So its thrift stores and consignment shop shopping for me. I make out pretty well doing it to even if I do say so myself. :)

Last summer I got a whole new wardrobe for under $100 by shopping that way. I got dress outfits and  casual outfits, two light weight jackets for casual wear and one nice light weight dress coat. I will try to describe the clothes and what each outfit cost the best I can so bear with me please.

One 2 piece blue & black sweater top with matching straight black skirt for $3.00
One 2 piece grey short sleeve sweater top with matching straight grey skirt for $3.00
One black ruffled skirt for $2.00
One red and black peasant blouse $1.00
One pair black casual dress pants that can be worn with the peasant top $1.00
One long denim jumper $2.00
One long denim jumper $1.00
One brown corduroy jumper $2.00
One long sleeve pull over ivory sweater to wear under the brown jumper $1.00
One pair grey casual dress slacks $1.00
One pair brown casual dress slacks $1.00
Two white casual V-neck tops 75 cents each
One autumn tones of color skirt 50 cents
One coral shirt 50 cents
One pair of woman's hiking boots with the store tag of $49.99 still on them, 49 cents
Two pairs of jeans $1.00 each
One red pull over sweater 75 cents
One light weight long black dress coat in really great condition 99 cents
One light weight black jacket $3.00
One light weight blue jacket $3.00
Four pair of casual pants $4.00
Two black purses 99 cents each
One brown purse 99 cents
Four casual tee's, one blue, one pink, one light green and one lilac, 99 cents each

With all of the above I have enough clothes that I could wear a different outfit every day for a month and not wear the same one twice. This was not all bought in one shopping trip. I spent a month scouring thrift stores and consignment shops. My best deals came from the Salvation Army's 49 cent sale on Saturdays or the 99 cent Thrift Store. My poor husband was in shock when I sat him down with all the receipts when I came home for the different shopping trips. He had thought I spent a couple of hundred at least. LOL

I love shopping the thrifty way. :)

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