Monday, May 28, 2012

Canning corn

Meijers had fresh corn on the cob on sale this past week for 14 cents an ear. These were huge ears. I bought a total of 4 dozen. I canned a total of 16 pints. Below is a picture of the first 8 pints. The rest I didnt get canned until the next day. I had cooked 6 ears the night I bought the corn. Then I used 38 ears to make the 16 pints.  I cooked the last 6 on the grill today. It was so good!!

Each pints holds a little more than 2 ears and the jars have more corn in them then you get when you buy store bought canned corn. I figure with the cost of supplies, gas and time each jar cost me about 45 cents. Quite a savings when it cost me 85 cents to a dollar for a can of corn in the stores around here. And mine is a better quality because I know what is in there. :)

I hope by the time summer is over to have canned at least 50 pints of corn. I am trying to get back to the way of life my grandparents and my husbands grandparents lived. They bought very little at the store and rasied most of their own food each year. His grandparents had their own small farm where they raised cows for meat and milk, pigs for meat, chickens for meat and eggs, goats for milk and cheese and had a very large garden and woods for heating and cooking.

I will never be able to live like they did as I live in a town but I can grow as much as I have room for and can it and buy more from local farmers to can. So its all good! :)

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