Thursday, May 31, 2012

Homemade Beef Vegetable Soup

We love homemade soups. Especially in the winter time. A nice hot bowl of soup and a slice of homemade bread with butter on it is one really nice body warming meal. One of our favorite soups is beef vegetable. Since there is just two of us that like eating soups I don't want to waste time and gas making small pots. Instead I make big pots and then can what is leftover. Last week we had a cool day so I took advantage of it and made a big pot of soup. We had enough for the two of us for dinner that night and then I canned the rest. I got 7 quarts out of the left overs. This soup was made using 1 1/5 pounds of cubed beef, 2 large round white potatoes, cubed. Three bags of frozen mixed vegetables, parsley, 1 small onion finely chopped, beef soup base, salt and black pepper. The total cost was under $10 and gave me 8 main dishes for two people. Not bad when all I will have to add to the meal to complete it is a loaf of homemade fresh bread and some ice tea.

Since I bought everything to make it on sale so I saved money there and when you factor in the time is would take and the money for cooking 8 small pots versus cooking one big pot and canning it I save even more. One more added incentive is that homemade soup beats Campbells in a blind taste test almost every time. :)

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