Friday, September 28, 2012

Dried Mushroom Powder

About a month ago Meijers had 8 oz packages of mushroom buy 10 for $10 and get one free so I got 11- 8 oz packages of mushrooms. They were some nice looking mushrooms weren't they?

I wiped them all clean and sliced them, placed then in the dehydrator.

That's a lot of slicing. LOL

All nice and dried and waiting for the next step. I ran them through the food processor and ground them up pretty good but still not as fine as I wanted them so I ran them through the blender after that. They came out nice and powdery. Makes a great addition to soups, spaghetti sauce, soups and more when you have family members who will not eat anything with chunks of mushrooms in it. LOL My son will not eat mushrooms, little does he know that he has been eating them for months. I know I am a sneaky mommy!! LOL

The finished mushrooms on top. I put about 2-3 teaspoons in things that I cook.
Below the mushrooms is dried celery. Meijers had them on sale 10 for $10, get one free just like the mushroom. I got 11 packages of them, washed the celery, diced it and then dehydrated them. This was I can get celery in my hubby because he doesn't like celery but if they are really small pieces he will eat them.
And these will be good for a year.

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