Monday, October 1, 2012

Prepping for survival in a post SHTF world

I do not hide the fact that I belief that life as we know it will soon end on earth and we will be forced to live much like our ancestors did back in the 1800's. Even Hollywood seems to think that now with the rash of survival type shows that they are coming out with. Shows like Revolution, Last Resort and of course all the end of the world movies like 2012.

Personally I am not a believer of the Mayan calendar and a lot other far fetched ideas that some people have but I do believe that because of what is going on between nations today that things will happen that will shut down the world's power grid and force us all back into a world of darkness. Money will be worthless, cars will no longer run, stores will no longer be opened. There will be no way to buy what you need nor will you have a good chance at finding it since looters will be running rampant because they did not prepare.

But there is even more good reasons to do everything you can do to prepare for survival. Mother Nature is a prime example of why it is good to always be prepared for survival. Earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, ice storms, blizzard and more can take out power for weeks, close stores and gas stations for weeks, Freeze water pipes, contaminate the local water supply, ruin crops and more. All which can result in unprepped people having next to nothing the way of resources to survive until things are back to normal. That is not something I want for my family. So I do what I can to prep for my family in hopes that they will be able to survive until the world returns to normal or a new normal sets in.

A big part of my prepping includes owning a prep/survival group so that I may gain and share knowledge with others that are like minded. We talk about everything to do with survival from learning how to cook over and open fire to how to raising our own meat animals, to gardening and perserving our harvest. If you are interested in learning more about prepping for survival or if you have knowledge that you would like to share I would like to invite you to join

Its a good group to join and you find lot of friendly people who are like minded when it comes to prepareing for a future that may be completely different than what we live in today. I hope to see you there.

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