Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Attack of the Poison Ivy Brigade

As you can tell by looking I was attacked by the Poison Ivy Brigade. They were sneaky devils! I have spent the last 40 years outsmarting them but finally this fall they got smart and sought revenge with a vengeance on the mean evil lady that has been ripping them out by her bare hands for as long as she can remember.

I guess they didn't like being evicted from their warm and cosy home at the back of our garage. It ticked them off to have their roots ripped out of the nice warm earth and their long reaching tendrils off the back of the garage. They must have really loved having their roots in up next to the coolness of the cement of the garage floor and the morning shade they had each morning and the warmth of the sun each after noon.

I don't blame them for loving their home. But you would think after being evicted every year for the last 17 years they would have given up and found a new home. But not these devils. They are bull headed and persistent. Quite like the meal old lady that keeps trying to evict them for good. She will not give up her fight with the poison ivy brigade and she has sworn to all who will listen that next year she will be back to fight again only this time she will bring more weapons to the battle. She will never way the white flag of surrender. She vows to keep battling the brigade until she renders on to them the ultimate defeat and they move on to greener pastures in some one else's yard.

In the mean time she is nursing her battle scars and taking notes on war strategy so that next year she is better armed to do battle once again the Poison Ivy Brigade. She may be covered from her head to her legs with her battle scars but she is stubborn and bull headed she will return to the battle and sooner or later she will triumph in the end. War may be hell but winning the battle is sweet!

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