Saturday, October 13, 2012

Canning fresh caught Salmon

Hubby and his brother went salmon fishing on Thursday. Here is a couple of pictures of their catch. They were really proud of their catch of the day. :)

The biggest one was a female and she was loaded with eggs. The smaller one is a male. The guys cleaned and filleted the fish so all I had to do was can it. First I soaked the fish in a brine of one gallon cold water mixed with a cup of canning salt. Then drained it for 10 minutes. I then cut it up into jar size pieces and packed it in half pints jars really tight leaving a one inch headspace. I processed them for an hour and 40 minutes at 10 lbs pressure. Here is a couple of pictures of the finished product.

Looks pretty good doesn't it? And think of the savings! A 6 oz. can of skinless, boneless salmon costs around $2.49 where I live. After I factored in the cost of the salt, water, lids and gas for the stove I figure it cost me around $6 to can it and I got 13- 8 oz jars of skinless, boneless salmon. Not a bad deal is it?

I didn't factor in the cost of gas for them to go fishing, the cost of their fishing license or the cost of bait because they were going go fishing even if they didn't catch anything. LOL They are going back in a few days to see if they can catch some more. I am hoping for 4 more to can.  I can see a lot of nice salmon patties in our future. :)

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