Friday, December 14, 2012

Another Big Shopping Trip

I had planned all along to take the $66 I had left from last Fridays shopping trip to go this week and pick up 4 hams that Meijer's had on sale for 77 cents a pound. Well I hit the jackpot when I was given and extra $200 to spend to my little hearts content. So I sat down and spent an hour going over sale ads and writing out a list of what all I wanted to get.

Then yesterday morning hubby and I sat off to some friends house where he stayed with the hubby and his wife went shopping for me. We spent 4 hours going to 5 different stores and had a blast shopping and talking as we went. Below is a couple of pics of some of what I bought. I couldn't get it all in just 2-3 pics.

This is not all of it. There is about another $100 worth I never got around to taking pics of. I did splurge a little on some donuts and cheese cake but that is not something I do very often. One thing I learned along time ago is that if I do not allow myself to splurge every once in awhile then I will go crazy one day and buy a lot of junk food. LOL

After I got done putting all this stuff away I took out the three chickens I had in my refrigerator, cut them up and packaged them in to meals for the freezer. I did the same with the big package of bacon I had in the refrigerator and one of the hams. There are now 50 meals worth of meat sitting in the freezer now and some meat that I canned early this morning and I do mean early. Couldn't sleep last night so got back up at 2 am after going to bed at 12:30 am and started canning.

Tomorrow I will show you what I canned and tell you about some mistakes you never want to make when canning. You may get a laugh out of one or two of them. :)


  1. Wow, that's some shopping. I wish I could shop like that. My husband and I went shopping yesterday and spent $160.00 and only got a weeks supply. Wish I could take you shopping with me lol.I go to the store, wanting to shop like this but I never end up with more then a weeks worth and an empty wallet.

    1. I live in small rural town so only go to the big town once a month. The Sunday before I go I pour over all the ads for the stores in that town and then plan my menus, my canning adventures and my shopping list around those ads. Then on the day I go I make sure to stick to my list unless I find a really good unadveritzed sale. When that happens I change my shopping list enough to add that item to my list.