Saturday, December 8, 2012

Our Shopping Deals for Yesterday

This week our local store had a lot of good buy one get one free deals. I wanted to go to this sale but since I have been really sick this week hubby went with me so I could get in and out faster. I took time to make two lists and we divided the store in half. He took one half and I took the other. We met up at the check out lane to check out together. Here is a pic of hubby showing off our haul for this week. LOL

Please forgive the mess in the background. Hubby has been doing most of the kitchen duty this week and he doesn't always know where I keep things. But bless his heart he has been trying. :) Almost every thing on the table was a buy one get one free deal. Except for the meds (for me), his bag of popcorn, canning lids, milk, cheese, syrup, mustard, carrots and green peppers. Oh and the silver bag of coffee which is a restaurant blend that they had that was $4 cheaper then the same size can of Folgers.

Before we went shopping I spent a couple of hours going through the sale add and planning meals around what was on sale. All total for the 3 of us there is enough here for a month's worth of meals including using some things we all ready have in our pantry.

Because we do live on a limited monthly income I plan one big shopping trip a month to save on gas so I do not by just what I need for that month. I just plan a months worth of menus and then buy enough to make those meals but those meals may be cooked 2-3 months down the road. By doing this it has helped me keep my food bill down considerably each month. Some months I may spend as high as $200 and some months I may spend as little as a $100 and still have enough to feed all 3 of us 3 meals a day for the month. Not to bad considering the rising food costs lately.

Below is some close ups of what I bought. The English Roasts were buy one get one free and so where the pork steaks. The cheese sausage were in the markdown bin for $1.69 a package and they are normally $4.29 a package. They still have a week to go on the sale by date.

The oranges and two different kinds of potatoes were also buy one get one free.

The total it would have cost me was $197.64 if I had paid full price of each of the items. Actual cost for me was $131.15 saving me a total of $66.49. Not bad is it? Check back starting tomorrow and see what I have planned for some of the items we bought yesterday. Since I budgeted $200 for food costs this month I will be going to another store next week after Hubby's doctor appointment and seeing what more deals I can find to feel the pantry with. :)  Who knows! Maybe I will find some really good deals on baking stables.

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